Sophie by Sophie Sample Sale

Sophie by Sophie säljer klassiska smycken med en twist i rodiumpläterat eller guldpläterat silver med äkta pärlor och stenar. 

På vår sample sale kommer det finnas halsband, armband, örhängen och ringar från tidigare kollekter men även erbjudanden på vårt ordinarie sortiment. Vi har även ett fint utbud av 18 karat och diamantsmycken. 

En perfekt present, julklapp eller en gåva till dig själv!

Exceptional vacancy; 58m2 studios available!

Our 58m2 studios have long been one of the most attractive ones. Therefore we are particularly enthusiastic to announce this rare vacancy and looking forward to welcoming new midsize team members to the A house community. Great for teams of 8-12 ppl. You can also combine a studio with a bespoke membership, meaning we can tailor your needs. Maybe you have a bigger team, but some of your team members often work remotely or prefers to sit in A lobby or in our quiet area. Then a 58m2 might be the right solution for you!

Welcome to apply here >

You can also book a private tour directly with our membership tailor Vilma Zammel >

Our members are part of a creative community with a focus on fashion, food, music and media. We provide a context in which you can be who you are and do what you do.

“A house is carefully curated to take shape as a refined machine for creative development”

The impact of new technologies and the rapid transformation of society has had a large impact on how we work, live, create and make business. It changes our behavior and habits. Venues that are a combination of workplaces and event spaces for new experiences are becoming increasingly important. A house is carefully curated to take shape as a “refined machine for creative development”. We provide a deliberately organized space and a community with more than 500 members.

A house Filmhuset opening 2021!

We are proud and excited to announce that in 2021, we are opening A house Filmhuset. The project includes yet another brutalist iconic building and yet another thrilling creative industry.

With our learnings from A house, our mission at Filmhuset is to create a vibrant community for creatives within the film and video content industry.

“There will be different types of memberships and event possibilities”

In close collaboration with the Swedish film institute, we want to create an indulgent, innovative culture, be more accessible to the public, and through this work generate an ecosystem for everyone working with video content. There will be different types of memberships and event possibilities, be sure to let us know if you are interested!

Sign up for our Filmhuset newsletter to find out more and become part of the A house film community >

Pictures by Ingalill Snitt

New studios in the making at A house

We are excited to announce that we are in the making of new studios for smaller teams (2-15 pers), accessible from November 2020. Also 56m2 and 95m2 will be available. Having seen a demand for smaller spaces from companies looking for a creative community to grow in, we decided to transfer 400m2 into a brand new studio area for smaller teams. Welcome to apply emailing our membership manager Vilma >

“We provide a context in which you can be who you are”

Our members are part of a creative community with a focus on fashion, food, music and media. We provide a context in which you can be who you are and do what you do, and where the choice of how much you want to participate in the community is up to you.

The impact of new technologies and the rapid transformation of society has had a large impact on how we work, live, create and make business. It changes our behavior and habits. Venues that are a combination of workplaces and event spaces for new experiences are becoming increasingly important. A house is carefully curated to take shape as a “refined machine for creative development”. We provide a deliberately organized space and a community with more than 500 members.

A house memberships >

A current Situation with Fredrik Franzon

What is your perspective on the development in your industry?

BAUX operates in the global interior design industry and the reaction from the pandemic was instant and quite urgent. Many projects were put on hold and some were cancelled immediately. The incoming request for new projects also went down quite drastically this spring. 

It now appears that the initial shock to the system may have passed and we are gradually coming back on track. Luckily enough, BAUX customer group is fairly diversified. During the most challenging period in April to May, we received numerous orders from the educational sector that took the opportunity to enhance their sound environments while pupils were home from schools.

“Best case scenario is a “V” recovery, i.e. sharp decline and quick bounce back”

The office sector has been more uncertain, but some of our major customers within tech such as Amazon and Netflix have continued their investments as planned.

Perhaps the most burning question on everyone’s mind is now, “when will things get back to normal?” Best case scenario is a “V” recovery, i.e. sharp decline and quick bounce back. However it’s important to remember that our industry lags. It takes a long time from project start to completion, and it’s even more lagging in this case with a phased “back to work” scenario. As a result, the design industry’s recovery is more likely to go slowly up in the beginning and peak very fast later on. The interior design business is a discretionary item, something that could easily be put on hold, but as soon as there is some certainty (e.g. a vaccine), things will start to recover. Hopefully, there will be a surge in purchasing once the economy is back. A lot of the purchases are pending confirmation and as the world moves into a post-covid state we believe that most of these orders will happen. 

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt?

Covid-19 has had an impact on every industry across the globe and the interior design industry is not an exception. The way we design, the materials used, and how we furnish spaces will definitely be altered.

Offices will probably evolve to become more intentional, meaning that some of the heads-down work will happen at home and the physical workplace becomes more of a place to connect with others. As a result we will see an increased need for flexible social spaces, study areas, amenities, conference rooms and sanctuary-like spaces.

Focus on employee well-being and corporate responsibility will become increasingly important. Solutions that are environmentally friendly and long-lasting with an emphasis on responsible consumerism will therefore gain higher attention from interior designers and end customers.

“in challenging times, peoples creativity and ideas peak”

As a result, sustainable materials, soundproofing, soft values and well being will be emphasized. Our love for the environment will not only be within the materials we choose as building blocks, but also nature as such will play a bigger role than ever before. Bringing the outside indoors, larger windows with views outside, using colors and materials that reflect the natural world and a general mindset of “nature first”. We know from history that in challenging times, people’s creativity and ideas peak to find new innovative solutions. Therefore, post-Covid will hopefully be the shock treatment the world needs to reimagine old ways and create a better, more sustainable tomorrow.


As Works by Friends is entering a new market, we want to explore our new habitat and its artist and creative scene. For years, Stockholm has built its reputation as being a hub for innovative businesses, leading fashion brands and a forward-thinking music industry. But what does the city’s art scene really look like? In our Stockholm Art Guide three art lovers share their point of view on the Stockholm art scene and where they seek new inspiration in Stockholm.

Tua Asplund, CEO 
Tua Asplund is CEO of A house, a co-working office and cultural space located in an impressive brutalist building that houses innovative companies and startups in fashion, music, media, food and technology. Just like art, the building and atmosphere nurtures creativity and opens up for new ways of thinking and expressing. A house frequently organizes pop up art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and mediation sessions.

“Another recommendation and an instant love at first sight for me is Kummelholmen in Skärholmen”

How would you describe the art scene in Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years?
I’ve seen lots of innovative art coming from Stockholm lately, and wouldn’t be surprised if Swedish artists are at the forefront when it comes to the development of AI and art. When it comes to exploring art in the city, I love the big mural paintings that have started to pop up the last couple of years around Stockholm. I search for unexpectedness and art that provokes new ways of thinking.

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
I prefer galleries that do not look like the typical white box. CF Hill at Västra trädgårdsgatan located in a palace from the 1600s is a good example of this, as well as Loyal gallery located at Odengatan in the former Embassy of Brazil. Another recommendation and an instant love at first sight for me is Kummelholmen in Skärholmen. With traditional galleries are struggling I think we are going to see a shift towards exploring and exhibiting art in unconventional locations. I recently enjoyed watching art students host a pandemic-friendly art exhibit in an apartment in Mariatorget in Södermalm, and this fall we are hosting an art exhibit in our coworking space showing large photos from renowned 70s photographer Hans Hammarskiöld.

Slobodan Zivic, Artist and DJ
Slobodan Zivic is a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary creator whose works span between digital art, painting, photography, graffiti and graphic design. Slobodan is also a DJ and can be seen frequenting the parties and openings of Stockholm’s art scene. Rooted in cultural mechanisms, behavioural patterns, social trends his ambition is to create art that opens up different perspectives and create a basis for dialogue for its viewers and participants. With his creative courage and engagement he has played a key role in the ongoing transformation of Stockholm’s art scene.

How would you describe the art scene of Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years? 
In my opinion, in the past years, Stockholm’s art scene has been very exclusive with a heavy emphasis on traditional paintings and Sweden-born artists. The art community has been lacking the ability to invite non-Swedish perspectives and backgrounds to the table. It’s been a very white scene so to speak. However, I see a change brewing towards more inclusivity. Finally I see more women and people of color making room for themselves, paving the way towards a more forward-thinking art scene. This openness and shift also had an impact on how galleries curate art, how art schools teach, which formats are being displayed and how artists create and collaborate.

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
My personal favorite Stockholm are Nordenhake, Andréhn-Schiptjenko and LOYAL.

Miranda Lundberg, Founder of Works By Friends
Making art more accessible and help build a supportive art community is what drives Miranda Lundberg, founder of Works By Friends. After working in music and other creative fields in New York Miranda took the leap to create a business dedicated to her mission. With limited editions prints and curated events Works By Friends support artists and their practice, and help create new innovative ways to experience and buy art.

How would you describe the art scene of Stockholm? How has it developed the past couple of years? 
I just moved back to Stockholm after being away for 7 years, but a difference that I’m seeing that I don’t think was as prevalent before, are all the artist run shows popping up. Young artists in Stockholm today are more grass-root, they don’t rely on institutions or large galleries but rather do it themselves. An artist I’m working with, Nikki Fager organized a show in the height of Corona where artists showcased works in their apartment windows.  You’ve had to get creative during COVID, and I hope people will continue to think of alternative ways to showcase art when the pandemic is over. 

Which are your favorite galleries in Stockholm and why?
Like I mentioned above I think that usually the most interesting shows are often the one-off artist run shows. But in terms of more permanent spaces I think Tegel, Mint, and Andréhn-Schiptjenkoare great for emerging art. I’m also planning a pop-up show with my gallery WBF in Stockholm in October which will be exciting!

Written by Lydia Kellam for Works By Friends
Original article >

Bespoke – Det skräddarsydda medlemskapet

För bara några år sedan var begreppet ”coworking” så gott som nytt i Sverige. Sedan dess har mycket hänt på marknaden och utbudet av olika typer av coworks har exploderat. I spåren av coronakrisen ser vi vad vi tror blir nästa stora skifte. Vi har vant oss vid att jobba hemifrån och kontoret blir platsen anställda och frilansare besöker vid valda tillfällen för att vara kreativa tillsammans, ha projektgenomgångar, träffa kunder och självklart av rena sociala skäl. Vår VD Tua Asplund ser en framtid med mer individanpassade och skräddarsydda lösningar på A house.

Tua, vad gör A house för att svara på detta skifte?

T: Det vi lanserar nu är Bespoke Membership. För företag är det en möjlighet att ”smartsiza”. Istället för att hyra många kvadratmeter som står tomma när många anställda jobbar hemma så hyr man en kombination av rum ett par dagar i veckan och flexibla platser hos oss, samt får komma till en pulserande mötesplats med tillgång till mycket yta, stor flexibilitet och kortare kontrakt. Ett anpassat företagsmedlemskap kan dessutom innehålla stående bokningar för styrelse- och ledningsgruppsmöten, tillgång till stora eventlokaler för konferenser och en daglig dos av service och aktiviteter som svetsar samman den nya tidens utspridda team. 

Det är ett skifte som passar oss väldigt bra, vi har olika ytor för olika ändamål. Öppet landskap har fått en del kritik, vissa kan uppleva att de blir störda och därför erbjuder vi även tysta zoner. Samtidigt så är människan social och vill mötas, få energi och känna kreativiteten som man upplever av att mötas, då är vår lobby perfekt.

“För företag är det en möjlighet att förflytta sig från ”Space as a function” till ”Space as a service”

Vilka är fördelarna för individen respektive företagen?

T: Det passar bra för individen som vill använda hemmakontoret för att arbeta ostört men även ha dedikerad tid på kontoret med kollegorna, samtidigt minskar trycket på kollektivtrafik när fler åker in till kontoret färre dagar i veckan vilket är bra för samhället i stort. För företag är det en möjlighet att förflytta sig från ”Space as a function” till ”Space as a service”. Kontoret består inte längre av fyra väggar utan är en skräddarsydd lösning utefter verksamhetens specifika behov. 

Hur ansöker jag om ett Bespoke membership? 

T: Du kontaktar en av oss medlemsskaps-skräddare som lyssnar till behov, hur många ni är och hittar en bra lösning för er. Maila till så hjälper hon dig vidare!

So, this just happened: Hint Session #01

What are Human Key Figures – and how can they impact the future journey of companies, customers and society? Last night A house members Hint [] hosted their first moderated conversation on shared future opportunities, in A kitchen.

A kitchen – a space for new conversations

In this Hint Session, relating to their newly released report Hjärnåldern (The Brain Age), the topic of Human Key Figures had business leaders from multiple industries meet around the dinner table to share thoughts, challenges and possibilities connected to what awaits beyond key financial figures.

Culinary mastermind Martin Berg of ARKET cooked up a plant-based fiest, Professor Micael Dahlen (Stockholm School of Economics) shared his knowledge together with representatives from Polestar, Interflora, Axfoundation, AMF Fastigheter, Novus, Noquo Foods, Relate, TUI, Svenskt Tenn and Motivationslyftet.

To learn more about Hint and their work on making sense for, in and of the future – don’t hesitate getting in touch.

A kitchen – a space for new conversations.

Travelmag listing A house as one of the best coworking spaces in Stockholm

A house is one of the 10 best coworking spaces in Stockholm, according to Travelmag. We are very honored to be on the list along with our amazing friends in the business.

Travelmag on A house:

“Billed as a cultural den for freelancers, entrepreneurs and established companies within the fashion, media, food and music industry, A house offers a wide range of membership packages to suit every need. Pricing starts at 2500 kr (€237) per month for Lobby Membership, which provides the flexibility of always picking the spot that best fits your daily schedule, whether it’s a low table for relaxed meetings, a chair at the community table, or a secluded spot in the quiet area. This package also includes bookable and pop-in meeting rooms, printer access, quality teas, and other amenities. One day passes are also available and can be purchased at the venue, priced at 300 kr (€28) per day.”

Read the full Travelmag article by Paul Joseph>


At A house, we have 7 principles making us a refined machine for creative development, this is the third one;

“Creation requires recreation”

We believe that creation requires recreation. As people are our most powerful creative tool, we need to embrace their needs as human beings. All work and no play makes anyone a dull creative. That’s why resting, laughing and socializing are crucial creative tools as well. Because if you feel good, you’ll do good. But if you don’t work, nothing works.

Our 7 principles:

Space follows process

Thinking by doing

Rethink, refine, reuse, redesign

Expect great output from unexpected input

The community is our most creative tool

Sharing problems, not just solutions

Creation requires recreation

Nya trenden inom kontor: “smart sizing”

Hur viktig är den fysiska arbetsplatsen för anställda? Just nu letar många företag svar på den frågan i spåren av coronakrisen. A house ger sin syn på saken och lanserar samtidigt en nyhet inom coworking.

A house, en mötesplats för små och medelstora kreativa företagare inom musik, mat, mode och medier, har haft bråda dagar sedan coronakrisen.

“Vi tror absolut inte att framtiden är kontorslös” 

– Vi har fått in fler förfrågningar än tidigare och märker att även större företag hör av sig till oss. Det är jättespännande, säger bolagets vd Tua Asplund till Fastighetsnytt. 

En ny era, med skrivbordsnomader, har börjat, fortsätter hon.

– I det nya arbetslivet ser modiga företag fördelar med distansarbetet, samtidigt som de värnar om gemenskapen. Vissa dagar är man mer effektiv hemma eller på ett kafé, andra dagar vill man träffa kollegerna i en kreativ miljö.

Hur mogen är marknaden för ett sånt skifte?

– Företag befinner sig i olika skeden. Vissa är mer mottagliga än andra, men jag tror att fenomenet är här för att stanna. 

Vad innebär det för kontoren på sikt? 

– Vi tror absolut inte att framtiden är kontorslös, som exempelvis Twitter verkar tro, utan snarare tvärtom; att mötesplatsen blir viktigare än någonsin, samtidigt som arbetsgivare behöver ta fram mer individanpassade lösningar. 

”Smart sizing” en ny hit

A house, som i dag huserar 100 företag och 700 personer i Stockholm, tror samtidigt att utvecklingen kräver en hel del nytänk. 

– Vi lanserar därför ett nytt medlemskap för coworking, som skräddarsys efter året och hur individerna jobbar, säger Tua Asplund. 

Bespoke Membership innebär att företag kan hyra en mindre yta med full service och samtidigt få tillgång till ett större workshop-rum för hela teamet ett par dagar i veckan, samt gemensamma ytor. 

Intresset har varit så stort att A house planerar att öppna fler studios i höst, vilket även välkomnas av fastighetsägaren. 

– Fastighetsägaren tycker att vår tjänst ligger helt rätt i tiden. Fördelen är ju att vi som operatör kan arbeta utifrån ett prototyptänk och göra förbättringar snabbare än stora fastighetsbolag.

Tua Asplund är övertygad om att hela fastighetsbranschen kommer att röra sig mer åt det hållet i framtiden. 

– Innan pratades det mycket om 24/7-lösningar. Nu ses ”smart sizing” som nyckeln till framtidens näringsliv.

Av Teresa Ahola, Reporter på Fastighetsnytt
Läs den ursprungliga artikeln här >

NxtChapter pt.3 / A stage

NxtChapter pt.3 with Lilla Namo in A stage


At A house, we have 7 principles making us a refined machine for creative development, this is the second one;

“Sharing problems, not just solutions”

As others preoccupy themselves with only sharing new solutions, we strive to understand and share problems. Why? Because one relevant problem can generate 1000 solutions. It is simply the greatest asset an entrepreneur can possess. That’s why we work to understand people and their daily lives, and share the problems we find within the A house community. 

Our 7 principles:

Creation requires recreation

Space follows process

Thinking by doing

Rethink, refine, reuse, redesign

Expect great output from unexpected input

The community is our most creative tool

Sharing problems, not just solutions

A current Situation with Fredrik Kempe

What is your perspective on the development in your industry and what is your guess, how long will this last? 

In our industry, air masks, the demand has been larger than the supply.

“We are very humble to the situation”

For us, as for most other companies producing masks, this has caused a large pressure on the supply chain. Currently, we’re still struggling to ramp up the production to meet the demand but are of course very humble to the situation. It is very fortunate to run a business that has such a demand these days and on a personal level, we’re really longing to a normal Trädgården night out again! However, when things will go back to normal, that I leave to the real expert such as Tegnell and Fauci.

In what way have you changed your working habits and is there anything you would like to keep even when we get through this? 

Appreciate the people you work with and the ability to hang around A house more. Without people around when you work, work get a lot more boring.

Are there any shifts in consumer behaviors you think we will see as an effect of the crisis? In your case, you offered a product mainly for polluted air but now maybe the purpose might have slightly shifted, can you tell us more about it?

I think the product category, air masks, will be considered a lot like any other category going forward. It won’t be as hard anymore to educate buyers about the category or why they should carry our product in specific. Other than that, there will, of course, be other opportunities emerging with a living behavior that is changed. However, I think we’ll need to focus even more on our core, and grow this core faster rather than looking into new opportunities too much since many players will look into alternative opportunities theses days.

Nxt Chapter – A yard

Nxt Chapter rocking social distancing in A yard.
📸 Carla Orrego Veli

A house sustainability work

A house is taking climate change highly seriously and we have done a genuine work to develop a long-term sustainability mission that we believe in. Here are some of the actions that we believe can make a change.

– A house contributes to the sharing economy by joining people together under the same roof sharing the resources of the building. Our furniture cooperation is a circular model together with our furniture partner Holmris in Denmark. It is unfortunately common that furniture becomes garbage when companies change offices. Instead, we encourage our members to rent furniture from us, meaning that they are being used by several people during it’s A house lifetime.

– We are working on “12 steps to sustainable development” to take our responsibility in contributing to saving the planet. You find the 12 steps-poster in A lobby to find out more and see the boxes we’ve ticked so far!

– We host Flea Markets to encourage members and friends to reuse clothes buying second-hand insted.

– We invite members and visitors to ”think twice” about small changes we can do in our everyday life. We minimize the use of paper cups and plastic lids by offering members and visitors to buy our thermos instead.

– Yearly, we host “A sustainable week”, highlighting and reminding us why and how we can be more sustainable. In February 2020, the week aimed to raise awareness about our carbon footprint, with a focus on two of our biggest climate issues – food and fashion. 

– We encourage members to “Share & Reuse” by using our slack channel with the same name.

– We encourage our members to work on the global goals for sustainable development >

– We do of course promote recycling in the lobby as well as in the garbage rooms.

– We work with local food and roasting of coffee beans. Thank you to our partner Sthlm Roast for being such responsible role model!

The A house building

An extensive renovation has been made to establish an energy-efficient A house building. We are a certified ”environmental building Silver”. These are the features and design that provides us with smart indoor climate and low energy consumption:

– The ventilation turns off after office hours.

– The ventilation is automatically controlled by sensing heat and number of people.

– The building has a “heavy” facade that counteracts rapid climate change.

– Some lighting is controlled by presence sensors.

– The light sources at A house are all energy-efficient LED lighting.

– Heat and cold are extracted and stored in the rock 300m underneath the house. Geothermal heat pumps efficiently utilize both heat and cold from the the rock giving us the perfect temperature. 

Brand new spaces for work and retail

We live in interesting times, and the usually bustling atmosphere at A house has temporarily shifted to a more tranquil vibe. But don’t let the calm on the surface fool you. There is a lively activity going on in the community, and a number of architectonic projects underway.

“A wing is a stunning addition to the brutalist A house building”

Our brand new retail space, A shop, is ready to welcome its first tenants. With a high ceiling, and three enormous windows directly at street level, this 132 sqm space is perfect for enterprises within retail or food. Across the yard from the lobby, we are preparing for the eye-catching studio project A wing, a remarkable 870 sqm addition to this iconic house. At the moment we can also offer a limited number of office studios within the existing building. For more information, contact: or read more about the plans here:

Download PDF A shop >
Download PDF A wing >

A shop

A house 400m2

Throwback to “Memories of Arkitekturskolan” by Lars Noren

We are proud, honored, and forever inspired by the words written for us by Lars Norén in 2015;

In a country very nearly terrified by the spectre of both material and spiritual rupture, the new Arkitekturskolan (School of Architecture) building was seen as an expression of naked barbarism, an almost Soviet testament to what we were about to lose of the idyll we had toiled together to make. And this despite – or perhaps because – the building, in its alienating monumentality, seemed to forgo all aesthetic confrontation, preferring to retreat into itself, beyond all self–assertion. A base affront to bourgeois taste, no less. Then as now, the country’s population wanted nothing more than to linger in the idyll, seemingly unaware that the defining characteristics of an idyll are fear and repression.

“Architecture is philosophy and spiritual mathematics”

The fact that the building was regarded as a violation is perhaps evidence of how the caution and resignation of so many consecutive generations of architects had led to aesthetic degeneration, replacing creation with pastiche and validation.

Architecture is philosophy and spiritual mathematics, the art of origins, the abode of the future, the place where what has been measured may take shape, at once separate and homogenous – but what can take shape if space is only given to that which repeats the already existing, and if everything else costs too much? During the twenty years in which the building filled my widest view, behind three five–storey poplars which were later cut down, when it was my punctum so to speak, it was as if the introversion and containment were eventually transformed into an altar of sorts, a temple, a non–beguiling beginning. In its effort to conceal every expression of architectural history, except in certain details, in verging on a nothingness, the building almost came across as a purification. Sometimes I would imagine that its interior duplicated its exterior. There can’t be many instances of a Swedish building achieving such a fusion of matter and form. But it didn’t create a great deal of tension between assimilation and concealment more like a fixed inscrutableness without any depth at all. Inside it were probably fantasies of beautiful, necessary abodes and ways of life which would never be possible to realise – abandoned, instead, for lack of political courage.

The students seemed to disappear into the dark, eventually to be forced to give up their purest ambitions. The most interesting thing, even back then, was what activity would come to replace the School of Architecture. A development which has already burst open like a flower? What else do I remember? The grotesque gulf between the concrete archipelago and the preposterous Engelbrekt church, fifty-odd metres away. It isn’t difficult to see how the surrounding discreet bourgeoisie were affronted by this interloper’s indifference to their aesthetics of power. The building was prettiest in the autumn when the hard tendrils of the creepers began to glow.

Lars Norén

Läs Bloks intervju med A house eventkreatör Franco Dusant

Det händer saker i den brutalistiska gråa byggnaden på Östermalmsgatan. Sedan arkitekturskolan lämnade lokalerna 2015 har A house steg för steg växt in i betonghuset. Hittills har Akademiska Hus investerat mer än 240 miljoner i den 12 000 kvadratmeter stora byggnaden där över 600 personer dagligen rör sig.

I dag sitter bland andra start-ups från Handelshögskolan, Youtube-nätverket Splay och affärsinkubatorn Sting i huset. Populära caféet MR Cake är alltid fullt och snart öppnar ett nytt ölbryggeri och restaurang: Omaka.

Vi träffade A house eventkreatör Franco Dusant för att veta mer om ett av Östermalms mest spännande projekt.

Hej Franco! Berätta lite om dig själv.

– Kommer från en restaurangbakgrund och är utbildad sommelier. Drev en restaurang åt några otroligt duktiga krögare på Söder vilket gav mig mersmak att utvecklas i det kreativa.

“ni vet inte vem jag är – kontaktat fel kille”

Hade en omättad känsla och började producera event. Alltid trott att detta bara var för att stilla en hunger och få utlopp för kreativitet. Det ledde till att jag blev kontaktad av A house innan årsskiftet och tillfrågad om jag tillsammans med dem ville skapa en ny arbetstitel – eventkreatör. Sågs och tänkte först “ni vet inte vem jag är – kontaktat fel kille”. Men de såg någonting hos mig och tror på något vi kan göra ihop.

– Och nu håller vi på att skräddarsy något som kommer bli asfett. Har mitt drömjobb. Utlopp för min kreativitet med alla fantastiska medlemmar i detta häftiga hus. Nästan jobbigt, jag vill göra allt.

Läs hela intervjun här >


At A house, we have 7 principles making us a refined machine for creative development, this is the first one;

“Community is our most important creative tool”

People are creative, machines aren’t. (Yet.) That’s why we evaluate technology, spaces and initiatives based on their ability to stimulate people and human interaction.

As a member, this gives you the opportunity to tap into a collective creative brain when in need — but also the possibility to pay it forward when someone else is. Together we can stand on the shoulders of creative giants — our community.

Our 7 principles:

Sharing problems, not just solutions

Creation requires recreation

Space follows process

Thinking by doing

Rethink, refine, reuse, redesign

Expect great output from unexpected input

The community is our most creative tool

A current Situation with Hedda Spendrup

What is your perspective on the development in your industry?

Despite all the tragedy and sad circumstances, I can see a new sort of creativity and a drive that I have not seen before. Many breweries push for medium strong beer or non-alcoholic beer, selling in new ways using other channels then what they usually use. Ultimately, I hope for a major progress when it comes to these kinds of beers.

“Non-alc beer & ”Folköl” will blossom” 

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt? 

I sincerely believe and hope that we will bring forward all the love we can and generously share to other people right now. My own need to hug and talk to family and friends has never been greater than now. I also hope that we will protect our earth even more and pay attention to how little we actually need to travel.

What are your thoughts on launching a new brand in uncertain times?

It’s of course very scary to launch something right now. My hope is that people will be more willing to try new things and treat themselves more than they have been able to do in recent months. I myself want to focus even more on sustainability and local collaborations.

A current situation with Tua Asplund

-CEO at A house

Tua, what is your perspective on the development in your industry?

Communities are more important than ever. We have worked hard to build an environment where people feel recognized, energized and inspired. Creative industries, the gig economy and startups in particular are currently facing extremely hard times.

As a co-work operator and event organizer, we meet the needs of the gig economy and start up community, consisting largely of freelance and smaller teams.

“Meeting spaces are fundamental in forming successful ecosystems”

We offer meeting places that are based on collaboration and development through sharing economy, meetings, serendipity, knowledge, activities for creation and recreation. All these activities engage networks and talent supply; who knows you might even meet the love of your life or your next business partner in our space! Meeting spaces are fundamental in forming successful ecosystems and important tools to bring the city to life. We are longing for the physical meeting to start again, in the meantime adopting and navigating on new grounds. 

The crisis has a devastating effect first of all on health and all the individuals that are directly or indirectly affected by the virus. The consequences on growth & innovation, jobs and especially individuals will also be substantial. We are inviting creative change-makers to our community in order to give inspiration in facing our joint challenges. Additionally, we are sharing stories from our members and their views on the current situation. We reach out to our surrounding neighborhood, inviting them into our community and giving them greater local value.

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt? 

In this period of uncertainty, we need to encourage self-autonomy, self-motivation and self-reflection within our teams more than ever. Now is the time to rethink how we work; the fast pace that we were used to solving things, participating in endless meetings, and going through overwhelming inboxes. This is now replaced with time for reflection and finding creative solutions to completely new problems.

“share problems, not just solutions”

Make sure to use this time productively! In our community, we have a few key principles and one of them is to share problems, not just solutions. Reach out to competitors and share obstacles, connect and network with other leaders and most importantly take good care of yourself in order to also support others. I have reached out to numerous members that have generously shared their stories, struggling of course but also keeping up their spirit, engaging in the society, developing creative solutions and helping out in the surrounding neighborhood.

What is the future of communities? How do we create stronger communities?

Communities now have the possibility to be strong both in person and online; I believe workplaces that are a combination of the two will thrive. We all have a very clear common goal now — to survive this hardship and hopefully land on both feet, coming out stronger than ever.

“Communities will be based on both creation and recreation as this develops into a natural part of our lifestyle”

A lot of creativity will come out of this and bring us closer together. In the 2020s, we are all for encouraging diverse and equal communities with the willingness to collaborate within their own industry as well as with others. Communities will be based on both creation and recreation as this develops into a natural part of our lifestyle. 

AMA with @memefulness (swe)

-Hej och välkommen @Memefulness , fett att du ställer upp på A house AMA!
Hur mår du?

-HEJ Franco! Jag mår toppen. Sol och kaffe på uteservering. Kan inte klaga. Hur mår du?

Q – Memekonton känns som om att det har gått från tangentbordsploj till faktiskt engagerade, nutida humoristiska konton. Vad fick dig att börja?
A – Jag har alltid haft en läggning åt att raljera/ha kul åt samtida saker, inte minst på sociala medier. Att använda humor är ett sätt att cope with absurditeten i livet.
Att jag startade ett konto var en blandning av att det är skönt att särskilja sitt privata från massa contentdravel + en vänlig knuff från Sveriges bästa memekonto som följde mig privat och tyckte jag skulle göra eget content

Q – Heeej Memefulness! Så kul att du är här. Vad får du all inspiration ifrån?! Upplever du att behovet av Mems är extra stort i dessa covid-tider?
A – Hej Caroline! Inspirationen plockar jag från vardagen; samtal med vänner, internet etc. Oftast bottnar det i en “insikt” från något man gör/är med om som man vet att fler kan relatera till. Jag har absolut sett ett ökat intresse för memes under karantän eftersom fler helt enkelt sitter klistrade vid telefonerna uttråkade.

“Att använda humor är ett sätt att cope with absurditeten i livet.”

Q – Första inlägget kom i slutet på januari och nu med 3200 följare. Det har gått sjukt snabbt! Hur har det enligt dig gått till?
A – Jag har ingen aning. Att folk utöver mina vänner började följa var en smärre chock. Eller vänta – jag vet att jag fick en rejäl skjuts med ett av mina inlägg där jag raljerade över Tinderkillar (ett återkommande tema hehe) som komikern Johanna Nordström snappade upp och delade.

Jag har från start varit jävligt noga med att inte hålla räkning på följare och likes osv. Jag vet att de andra memekontona har aktiverat statistik och sånt på sina inlägg men jag vägrar – vill inte se hur mycket eller lite folk gillar det man gör för då är det lätt att halka dit och börja skapa content för att pleasa eller få fler likes/följare/delningar. Det är som att be om ångest.

Haha, vilket inlägg var det?
Det var detta inlägg:

Q – Hur kom du på att skapa Memefulness – blev du inspirerad från ngt annat konto?
A – Det var en bladning av en vänlig knuff från ett annat memekonto (nämnt längre upp) och att jag redan gjorde det fast på mitt privata och ville särskilja de två. Dessutom finns det väldigt få (vad jag känner till) kvinnliga memekonton så ville vara med och reppa ett kvinnligt perspektiv också.

Q – Hur mycket tid lägger du på en meme respektive kontot?
A – Jag lägger inte jättemycket tid på det – oftast får jag en idé, gör ut den på några minuter och delar direkt innan jag hinner ångra mig och börjar tänka för mycket på om folk kommer tycka det är kul osv. Ju mer tid jag spenderar på kontot desto sämre mår jag haha

-TUSEN TACK @Memefulness för din tid!
Innan du drar så har jag 3 snabba frågor!

Ditt bästa karantän tips?

En meme som du önskade att du gjort?
-Den finns inte kvar, bara i mitt memory Men det var i alla fall en meme som, igen, och nej jag är inte sponsrad av honom, Jeki gjorde där ett gäng personer skickade runt typ 5-6 flaskor över ett bord till varandra där caption var “Stockholmsklubbarna som bokar samma DJs hela tiden” vilket jag tyckte var HYSTERISKT kul eftersom det stämmer.

Vem skulle ditt support your local vara?
-Alla mina meme-homies man ska FÖLJA ONLINE! S/o till

What is AMA?

AMA is our way of connecting creative changemakers in A house Community to get a diversity of perspectives on whatever questions you might have (ASK ME ANYTHING!) The idea arose out of the need for inspiration facing our joint challenges and the drive to create a better tomorrow in the current situation.

How does it work?
AMA is a chat conversation made live in writing on our slack channel called a-house-ama. We encourage you to join the conversation and ask questions! You can also find the answers afterwards on our social channels and in the Journal of A house website. The conversation will be in the language of choice of the changemaker.

How do I connect to slack?
Here you can join A house workspace on Slack and start following the a-house-ama channel >

A current situation with Henna Keränen

– Head of Strategic Partnerships & Digital Marketing at Sting

What is your perspective on the development in the start-up community? Can you name an industry or specific company that you think have managed well to innovate and adjust fast in the current situation?

Of course, the crisis has affected startups when suddenly, customers are stepping back from planned projects, investors are becoming more careful, almost everything gets postponed – without having the information on when things will get back to normal again. But the benefit for startups is that they are already digital, and they can react fast – much faster than bigger companies.

It has been quite amazing to follow how the startup community is taking a role and supporting each other – not only do we see new fantastic initiatives but also the role of community has truly been emphasized. For example, the Swedish startup media Breakit has been amazing with their help. Spotify were one of the first employers who started remote working, Norrsken quickly launched their Action Against Corona campaign and at Sting, we have launched several crisis management webinars and supported our community the best we can. Many Sting startups are helping people in the risk groups and offering their services to help people to cope with social isolation.

“Amazing to see how the startup community is supporting each other”

As we have read from the news, healthtech and mental health, games and sports as well as logistics/last-mile startups are doing very well. From the Sting startups I think Beleco has been super inspiring and innovative. Beleco is a streaming service for furniture, and when it started to get several postpone e-mails from different event companies, they quickly launched a new streaming possibility: home office! Now we can stream a beautiful and most importantly, an ergonomic home office, and get it delivered directly to our home door. Such a brilliant idea and hopefully, we will see employers supporting their employees with this as well.

You participated in the finish initiative for a basic income trial (medborgarlön), can you tell us a little bit more about benefits, consequences and your personal opinion?

Or my previous employer, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, was very active with the basic income trial and a part of the project, and I had the privilege to be one of the persons involved from Sitra. The trial was based on the prediction that the fast development of technology and AI will change working life in a way, that the current social security model isn’t sustainable for in the future. Also, the social security model doesn’t encourage people to accept gigs and part-time jobs which is a huge problem, so the idea of basic income was, and still is, to answer to these two problems. The trial wasn’t a 100% actual basic income trial but is was tried on two focus groups who got the same amount of money. One focus group got unemployment benefits without needing to report different activities (like registration to “arbetsförmedlingen” or applying for different jobs etc) and the other focus group got unemployment benefits with the demand for those activities.

Now, some people within the startup scene in Sweden have suggested basic income to answer to the economic crisis due to corona crisis, which is of course interesting to follow. Also, Y Combinator, the world-famous incubator, has been a promoter for basic income for several years.

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt?

I believe there might be several positive outcomes. For example, we already see some positive effects on the climate. Hopefully after this we will put more attention to our consumption habits and think again if we really need to fly to different meetings or conferences and start using the online meeting possibilities even more. Also, I believe we start using Zoom/Google Hangout dinners with our friends and families living in other countries way more often. Perhaps a Zoom pro account becomes a new subscription service that we use along Spotify, Netflix etc.

A bit cliché but I hope that we start to appreciate more social contacts and the fact that we’re living in the best possible continent in the world. It is a winning ticket in a lottery to be born in the Nordics in many ways.

A current situation with

Head of brand strategy at Grow + Digitalist

What good can come out of this? What mindset should we adopt?

For one, this situation is really forcing everyone to think outside the box. We’re realizing that if we really need to do something in a different way, we can. And that we’re not as set in our business ways as we sometimes may think.

But our offering and ways of working shouldn’t be the only thing we put under the lens. There’s great potential in innovating our relationships as well. I think the fact that we’re all in this together can lead to new business models where we really leverage the power of collaboration. In these types of situations, differences will inevitably become less important and we can instead focus on what can bring us together rather than what sets us apart. Not only for our own survival, but as a way of reaching a joint higher purpose rather than competing over who will win. I think that after the dust has settled, many companies will have adopted new ways of viewing their competition. And hopefully we can come out stronger and better on the other side of this – together.

In what way have you changed your working habits and is there anything you would like to keep even when we get through this?

Of course we are working remote to a much larger extent than we used to – having client meetings and conducting workshops using digital platforms and tools instead of meeting in a room in front of a whiteboard. Shifting to using these tools have made us all more imaginative in how we can interact with each other which is something that I hope we’ll all continue with.

We’re also having more sessions focused on thinking differently given that this situation is something new for all of us. That’s definitely something that I hope we’ll continue doing more of in the future to bring more innovation into our everyday.

Are there any shifts in consumer behaviors you think we will see as an effect of the crisis?

I think people will become even more purpose-driven when it comes to choosing the brands they interact with. Going through difficult situations often forces us to look up from our daily routines and think about what really matters. How brands act in the current situation will have an impact on how we view them long term. There’s a real opportunity for those who tackle the current situation in an innovative and positive way – whether it’s by protecting their employees, providing something to society and communities, or helping their customers get through these hard times.

I also think people will appreciate the social and physical aspect of experiences even more in the post-social distancing world. While we’re seeing new types of virtual experiences pop up due to the current situation, I think the experiences of the future will need to have even more emphasis on merging high tech thinking with the social and human aspect of the experience. 

A house CEO Tua Asplund

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?
To me it is a celebration of equal rights! Boys and girls should enjoy the same rights and opportunities in life; we need to celebrate and highlight girls especially on international women’s day until they do.

Which female A house member do you want to highlight extra today?
I want to highlight Carolina von Rosen, the founding partner of Get raw – a company conquering the junk-free snacks market. She is not only gaining market share in Sweden, but is also totally dominating sales at A house – her bars are among our highest selling  products.

Who is your female role model?
The female business leaders in my circle of friends; they inspire me in leadership, relationships and in how they take responsibility for the planet.

What do you think has improved for women and what do we have left to work on to make the world equal?
We need to continue highlighting diverse and female role models in leadership  positions. If young girls see the possibilities available to them, the more likely they will consider taking on the responsibility of leading. Ultimately, more industries would increase the balance and diversity in positions of leadership.

Which woman inspires you?
At the moment I am very impressed by AOC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – who is a US politician, activist and a strong voice in the forthcoming US elections. She is viewed as  a far left progressive; her political agenda seems to present a Scandinavian type of welfare model. AOC was born in 1989 and her faithful followers admire her passion for supporting the ‘millennial generation’ and for giving a strong voice to  minorities. I look forward to following her through the November election period.

How do you contribute to an equal workplace?
We maintain a 50/50 male/female A house and management team, along with a 70/30 male/female ratio on the A house board. We are also working towards creating a healthy balance amongst our members. I think our mindset carries the greatest importance – that we see gender equality as something obvious. A house’s goal is to create an ecosystem based on diversity, inclusion, gender equality and sustainability. Our environment should nurture a climate that is permissive, transparent and inspiring; one that provides energy and a feeling that anything is possible. It is a workplace for many – where everyone has equal rights and equal value.

We are looking for our next lobby star!

Service Manager – A house
50% Starting ASAP

As service manager at A house, you are a naturally open and service minded person. We are looking for a doer that enjoys ticking endless to-do lists, multi-tasking and solving people’s problems. Also, you need to be a team player and speak Swedish and English fluently.

As you will be working in the lobby area and behind the front desk, you are responsible for giving that special first impression and making members and visitors feel welcome. You have service in your blood, an eye for details and a large amount of energy and humor, always seeking to improve and develop the member experience. You are quick, ambitious and have no issue solving any problem you’re facing.

You will be working 50%, 2,5 days a week.
Office hours: 08.00-17.15.

It’s important that you understand the community way of thinking and that you play an important role creating the most awesome meeting space for members and visitors. If you are also a bit handy, that’s a huge plus. If you have other perks (music, photo, training or other creative interests), don’t forget to mention them sending your application!

Send your application to We are looking forward to hearing from you. Applications will be handled from now on.

A conversation with

A community is all about serendipity. “A conversation with” is a serie of member talks by me Tua Asplund, A house CEO and partner, having no expectations on our conversation nor providing with any predefined questions, letting the member lead the topic. At times, the conversation will naturally be in Swedish.

Lydia Kellam – Frilansande digital strateg och upphovsmakerska av “The workation way” – som ordnar retreats och workshops för frilansare och kreativa entreprenörer.Lydia Kellam har precis dragit igång året på sedvanligt sätt med detox i solitud, hon ser det som något renande, och också som ett kvitto på att en kan göra svåra saker. Lydia uppmanar till att sätta syfte för sina sociala medier samt ha modet att rensa ur vem eller vad ur flödet som inte uppfyller det personliga syftet. Lydia har skaffat en jobbmobil, inte för att hon egentligen blir störd med samtal utan på grund av alla appar och flöden. Det ger henne möjlighet att kolla på sitt jobbflöde som ger inspiration och kunskap, noggrant kurerat för att stämma överens med hennes arbetsdag. “Det har varit mindblowing att skaffa en jobbtelefon, oväntat jätteskönt!”

Lydias bästa recept för ett skönt frilansliv är att hitta en balans mellan att nätverka, marknadsföra sig själv, inspireras och vara nära växtlighet i staden. “I samband med möten så ställer jag mig ibland i en park för lite “forest bathing.” Inspirerande! Lydia känns alltid i framkant och samtida. Hon känner sig visserligen spirituell men vill inte leva efter några strikta regler, med det sagt så är ändå gospel, dans och musik något som passar in i Lydias liv.

Skills på A mirror: Creative direction, Communication strategy, Content planner, Digital strategy, Marketing, SEO, Social media strategy, Storytelling, Speaker, UX strategy, Writing, DJ, Crazy cat person

Nås via

Mateus clearance sale

Do you love a great plate?

Then this is the clearance sale for you. Mateus sells selected products from the entire range. Both classics and surprises.

You’ll find all the info you need in their facebook event >>

Photos from A yard party

We want to send some love to everyone who came to A yard party. Best vibes ever!

Also a big big big thanks to Gigital who gave us awesome live performances (by Bahjat and Visiteur), to Pistonhead and Naia for providing us with beverages, and to MDJ Produktion for being our tech pros.

Have a look at the A yard party pics!

Exhibition: Målar du nåt fult så målar jag över

The artist-couple Jacqueline Östlind and Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson have been painting together since the fall of 2018. They work with ink, crayons and markers on paper and they paint on canvas with acrylics, spray and tape. Both abstract and figurative.

When their two separate styles meet, new visual landscapes are discovered. The painting process, usually a lonely work, is replaced with a shared journey. One of them might work on something for hours, that in the breath of a second is overpainted by the other. It’s an inspiring work, but also demanding. They both have to put their egos aside, let go and trust each other and believe in the final result. The magic is hidden in their joint venture.

April 4, 2019, the couple had their first exhibition at Restaurant and bar Ling Long. This time it’s here at A house. The exhibition partly consists of pieces dragged around India during their recent two-month stay there, partly of works made soon after their home-arrival and partly of works that are made here at A house just before the exhibition opening.

Except for being an artist, Jacqueline also works as a tattoo artist and have been exhibited work at Liljevalchs Vårsalong, Asplunds, Waterfront, Nockeby Bageri and in her own art studio: Stateljén, Bromma.

Thomas is also a music artist, going by the name “Swedens Most Handsome Rapper”. He released his debut album “Tommy” fall of 2018. Prior to exhibiting his art with Jacqueline, he has exhibited his work in Paris, New York, Lublin, Osaka, Kyoto and Stockholm.

Follow them on Instagram; @styrofoam_gallery and @ArtByOKOK.

The exhibition runs in A lobby until the end of May.

Jireel music video

The music video for Swedish artist Jireel’s new track “Alla mina” was recorded in A verkstad.

Byond Breakfast

In this interactive breakfast session we will explore how yesterday’s thinking is limiting tomorrow’s businesses. Connect with like-minded creative leaders, have the opportunity to explore fundamentals of creative collaboration and take away rich insights. Facilitated by BYOND founder Neo Moreton. Special guest is Anna Tengwall, Manager Brand Strategy at Grow, sharing her unique take on creative collaboration.

It’s a free event but places are limited! Get your ticket here > 

Check out the BYOND philosophy here >

AW & Vernissage: Jacob Dahlgren

Exhibition of the world-renowned artist Jacob Dahlgren’s prints Constructing a New World in the A house lobby, in the presence of the artist. Runs through November. The exhibition is a collaboration between A house member Articulate Press and ed. art.

RSVP here pls >

Lilla Namo release – A kitchen

Pictures by Camilla Cherry

“Osynliga Teatern” at A house

Thank you Osynliga teatern for using our space in the most thoughtful and beautiful way possible. Seeing, or being, your show Slutet was something special one will remember until the bitter end.

Photos by Rossi Milja

Read SvDs thoughts right here >

Are you A house new Community Manager & Communications deputy?

Full time 1 year maternity leave replacement starting November 15 / Welcome to apply before 15/10!

A house is a refined machine for creative development within fashion, food and media – a member’s house where solopreneurs and larger corporations work side by side. Constantly fueled by programming with talks, seminars and events. The location, a brutalist icon in the very center of Stockholm, helped refine the concept of bringing work closer to life. A house is a coworking space full of innovative companies, opportunities and networking possibilities. We have now been open for almost 3 years, constantly growing and expanding our team with talents. The right candidate will hence have good chance of staying with us after this one year.

We are looking for a 2019 communication star that is passioned about connecting people and members, aiming to lift our community to even higher levels. You will work from A to Z, acting like a daily news “reporter” and publisher, meaning you will come up with content ideas, produce, publish and share news within and from our community across our platforms.

You are going to work closely with our Front Desk Community Manager, Creative Director and event team to ensure an integrated approach. You have at least 2 years of documented experience in communications and you are used to taking your own initiatives, leading your own working process forward independently.

You will be the voice of A house meaning you need to be a flawless communicator and writer in English and have a deep understanding of digital storytelling and social distribution. You love to network both in the A house community and online, understanding the community way of thinking and what A house is all about. And of course, you are interested in fashion, food and media!

Your main goals:

Activate membersConnect members
Communicate members and our vibrant community
Build and expand our online audiences and followers
Raise the bar, never being satisfied with the status quo

Some of you tasks:

Being our copywriter for newsletters, website, social media, A house journal and more
Updating our website, google and social media channels, engage with fans and followers in real time
Making signs, posters and other prints according to our graphic guidelines
Shooting, handling and arranging A house photographs
Report on results from social media interactions and website interactions in a timely manner
Come up with ideas and planning activities and happenings for our members

You need to have skills in:

Being a very social, fearless and open person
Being independent leading your own way
Being full of ideas and constantly creating contentStrong organizational and time management skills
Strong writing and communication skills in english and preferably also in Swedish
Rigorous attention to details
Strong sense of design and experience from graphic production and image editing, skills in Adobe Creative Cloud (Indesign & Photoshop)
Basic skills in WordPress and Mailchimp
Basic photographic knowledge

If you have other perks (music, photo, training or other creative interests), don’t forget to mention them sending your application to We are looking forward to hearing from you before the 15th of October 2018. Applications will be handled from now on meaning we might find our star before the last application day. 



Galleria Peroni

5th floor Starcase B –  Contemporary photography art exhibition at A house. Open in May 2018 Wednesday – Friday 11.00-16.00. Welcome to stop by!

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